Dark Times

Shifting Foundations

Thu 26th July 2012 – Sat 28th July 2012

The Cabal was requested by Chiron to investigate why the foundations of his Wayhouse were shifting and affecting his wards/spells at the site.
After some investigation and interviewing the neighbours, the Cabal found a group of children-sized figures had been around the house and, with the use of post-cognition, found that they were from the sewers. Using more time magic and following markings on the wall, the Cabal found the group of vertically challenged creatures – the Western Morlock Tribe (Crizz ’xan)
The Morlocks were tunneling for magical crystals in Undercity below the Wayhouse and its wards were interfering with the mining operation. The initial mining itself was what had caused the foundations to shift. After some aggressive diplomacy, the Morlocks backed down and agreed to not further disrupt the foundations or the wards around them.


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