The Mages of Chicago

There are ~18 other cabals in Chicago and various independents. The population of mages fluctuates from ~230 to ~300, as mages visit and leave on various missions and trips.

The Cabals associated with the Mages Guild are:
The Prometheans:
Mostly Mysterium mages as this is a very studious and academic cabal. Numbers 22 mages among its members and is the largest in Chicago. Very hierarchical and most of it’s members are practised Prime users.

Seeing themselves as progressives, they believe that magic should be made known to sleepers as much as possible. The majority of the Chicago Counsel see them as radicals and hippies. They have 11 members.

Older and more experienced mages for the most part, they try to keep out of Guild politics and study. They generally see most of the younger mages as “inexperienced pups courting trouble”. There are 11 members in this cabal.

The Wizzzards:
Enthusiastic and idealistic, these are all younger and less experienced mages, who see themselves as bringers of change to the World, improving and shaping it as is their destiny. 15 mages are in this cabal.

The following are small cabals of whom you have little knowledge:
The Agrians.
The Firestarters.
Defenders of Hyrule.
The Simple Mind.
Syntax of Magic.
Scryers of the Abyss.

The following are independants who refuse to follow the Guilds directives.

11 Mages who regard the Guild as a corrupt group of fascists, they act as protectors and guardians for the sleepers. Mostly containing Obrimus mages, the council is reluctant to move against them, despite their disapproval of them.

The Owls:
Mostly interested in lore, research and magical history, these 8 mages try to keep to themselves.

The Cambions:
A group of 5 mages, nothing else is known.

The Firestarters:
A possible cult of 8, suspected of worshiping fire.

Group of 5 Latinos who mistrust a lot of the other mages.

For both groups, there are various independants who, for one reason or another, do not belong to a cabal. Your mentor Chiron is one.

The Mages of Chicago

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