Earth-dwelling creatures of 3-5’ in height, they are thickset and have hard, pebbly-looking skin. Possessed of a great strength, they are a highly caste-based culture, with the lower intelligence workers and soldier drones obeying without question, with nobles and shamans leading family groups and a queen leading the tribe.

The shamans possess great skill in Earth-based magic and it is rumoured that the noble castes also possess supernatural abilities. Very little is known about the queens, except they are of great size and power.

Family names of a tribe begin with the three letter suffix of the tribal name and rebellion against the tribe is near unheard of. The very idea is anathema to them.

There are 3 tribes in Chicago, the Western Crizz’xan, the South Eastern Zaxn’nar and the Northern Dresk’xan, who dwell somewhere beneath Lake Michigan just near Chicago. The total population of Morlocks could be estimated at between 6,000-10,000.


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