A Life/Death mage that your cabal saved from mental domination


Shoulder length black hair, green eyes and an average, somewhat muscly build, Zutah always seems to have a slightly surprised or puzzled look in his eyes – though it often turns to well-worn resignation when he sees one of your cabal.


Few things make him angry, but Zutah intensely hates that his mind was violated by another mage. Convinced that the artifact was trapped and not cursed,he has been spending a lot of his time researching the event and anything even remotely related to it. More than willing to help your cabal when you need it, he sees himself as indebted to your group and yourselves as apart from what he sees as a corrupt system of mages.
He seems to be a gentle soul and not particularly good at fighting, though his adeptness with the Life Arcanum makes up for the lack. His familiar Sam, a rather brash and know-it-all weasel, seems far better at rudeness and fighting than he himself is and has a sarcastic tongue, though he is fiercely devoted to Zutah.
Oddly for a mage, Zutah actually doesn’t belong to either a cabal or an order, preferring to be by himself.


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