John Finigan

Not a sleep-walker, but not awakened, he is somewhere in-between. Currently in jail awaiting trial.


5’8" and not the biggest of men, he has an athletes’ build from his liking of jogging and running. A tad nervous and awkward, he becomes hard and resolved if need be to protect his family.
Of Irish descent, he has dark red hair and green eyes.


An office worker of no apparent account, John possesses the odd ability to be able to use two Space spells with no High Speech, no hand-gestures (except to assist concentration) and no risk of disbelief or paradox.
He has the ability to see magic (Mage-sight) and create portals (Portal).

He met the Cabal when they were asked to assist in investigating a series of odd-jewelry thefts. After catching him in the act, they followed him through a portal to his house and confronted him. After a tense showdown, he relented and confessed. A gang, The Eagles, was threatening his parents’ computer business downtown for “Protection Money” and had shaken down his brother several times, who works for the parents. He was stealing from the stores to pay off the gang.
Agreeing to help capture and testify against The Eagles for his crimes, he is now awaiting sentencing from the courts. With luck and a good word from The Doctor, he’ll be out in 6 months.

John Finigan

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