Your mentor and teacher, he is a powerful mage.


Tall, grey-haired and blue-eyed, Chiron could pass as a stern grandfather with plenty of frown and smile lines of 80 years, possibly a former farmer with his unusual spryness and strength for his apparent age.


When you were discovered by the guild after your Awakening, you were sent to Chiron for training. An adept mage of great power, he is a kindly but very stern and strict man who expects obedience and respect from his students. While he loves his reading he doesn’t do enough of it, frequently grumbling at the tasks the Guild often asks of him. The lesser tasks he sometimes passes to you, his students, while he pursues other tasks or catches up on his reading.

The others of the Cabal met Delanor when they were brought to Chiron for training and, at Chiron’s request, joined their Cabal to provide them with a slightly more experienced mage in their new group. From the other members in the guild they learnt that Dalanor owes Chiron a great debt, apparently involving his maimed leg that rejects all treatment – magical and mundane.

You know now that Chiron truly is a mage of great power, as he faced down a Elder Demon and returned it to the Abyss with no other bargain than it keeping its life.


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